photography and design

And so it begins.

Here it is, the website!

It has been such an incredible journey getting here, and I want to begin with some thank-you's. Thank you to my wonderful parents for always loving and supporting me, including buying equipment for me, taking me to beautiful places, setting up storehouses in which I could organize my millions of photos, and pulling over on the side of the road when I have to hurry and get the perfect shot!

Thank you to my friends and family for your support and positive feedback from the far corners of the earth! Every like and comment means the world!

Thank you to my wonderful clients (which are also friends and family :) ) for giving me a glimpse into your lives and allowing me to capture your story.

Now, a few disclaimers: I am not a writer, and I don't claim to be a professional at anything I do. Maybe someday I will be, but as for now I am still learning!


My journey began when I was about 4 years old. I loved to color like every other toddler, as well as sing and dance and just about any other form of creativity and noisiness. A toy camera appeared in my toy box that I was absolutely enamored with. I 'took pictures' of everything. When I got a little older, my parents let me handle some disposable film cameras. I remember how magical it was to see the prints come back from Costco when I'd forgotten what I'd even taken pictures of! The world and I progressed to digital cameras, and I loved it all. I could instantly see the photos I was taking, adjust my angle, and shoot again. The camera phone (and quickly thereafter the smartphone) came along and I couldn't have been happier. My mom and dad had their phones on them all the time, and I'd frequently make use of that camera feature! Today I shoot a Canon 6D (named Jasper), and I take him everywhere I go!

I think I've always loved photos because I could capture elements of real life, forever. I enjoyed drawing, but reserved it for abstraction. Through my lens I see the whole world. I see mountains and seas, friends and family, animals, events, nature... and I love every minute of it. This life is beautiful, and I rarely let a day go by without capturing some aspect of it.


I took a graphic design class during my senior year of high school which opened my eyes to a universe of creativity I'd only scratched the surface of in MS paint. Coupling my love of drawing, coloring, and art in general with my love of computers and technology, I quickly fell in love with graphic design. Now instead of doodling, I open up Illustrator and design away! Since then, whenever I've needed any sort of graphic- for anything from a new phone case to a poster for work- I just create it myself!

So, here I am! Ready for whatever is next in your life!